Worry Club Pushes Boundaries with EP, 'ur not real.' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Worry Club proves time and time again why they are going to be a household name in the near future. With their new EP, ur not real, the quartet introduces us to new sounds, experimental vocals, action-packed drum patterns, and fiery guitar riffs.

It’s a perfect project to introduce fans to the summer, and the nostalgic sounding songs, “Pretty Face,” “DEATHBLOW,” and “Lately,” are perfect examples. The intro track, “skate 3 speed glitch (ur not real)” takes an unorthodox approach with sonically-pleasing, auto-tuned vocal. “Vince Vaughn” is one of the most intriguing tracks with soothing production throughout most of the song that leads into a hyperpop-esque drop that makes for a perfect ending.

Worry Club just showcased what they are capable of vocally, lyrically, and instrumentally. They have all the tools and versatility to be great and fans should be extremely excited for what is to come.

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