Yana Rose Finds the Perfect Emotional Outlet With Her Single, “I Should Just Shut Up”

Olive Soki

Keeping your emotions bubbled up inside only leads to a cluttered mind. However, one of the best things to do to counter feeling overwhelmed is to find healthy external outputs, which is exactly what inspired Yana Rose's latest single “I Should Just Shut Up.” A collage of poems written in the span of a few months, the new track encapsulates past insecurities and anxious sentiments, turning them into a beautiful ballad.

“I Should Just Shut Up” starts off with delicate piano chords and intimate vocals delivered by Rose. Lyrics that perfectly mirror her stream of thoughts seamlessly roll into the chorus where she shuts them down with five simple words “I should just shut up.” When speaking of the track she shares that the production on the single was “heavily inspired by Role Model’s song 'six speed.'” This influence is undeniable by the second verse. As we get familiar with her narrative the track starts gaining texture. The classic “six speed” touch on the second beat, combined with a creative bass line on the second half of the verse, adds variety to the track. Rooted in solitude and endless cycles of glum rumination, the song ends in a way that allows it to be played endlessly without a beginning or end.

Yana Rose is no stranger to using music as an emotional outlet. Her latest single goes to prove her music's therapeutic qualities and perfectly showcases her poignant songwriting skills. Make sure to check out “I Should Just Shut Up” as well as her previous singles, “Night Out” and “Somewhere Else.”

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