Yb. Experiments with Soft Grunge in New Single, “Sandra”

Sundhya Alter

Sometimes the most awakening part of a song is not the chords or the lyrics, but its ability to provoke an unexpected emotive response. That's what Yb. managed to achieve in his newest single, “Sandra,” deciphering the importance of self-love evoking an electrifying sense of self-confidence. After releasing “Change Your Mind” and “Sleeping Without Me” in July, the Australian artist has released “Sandra,” the third song on his most recent EP. “Sandra” is as stylistically clever as it is introspective, using a lingering guitar and ascending base the young artist experiments with building the depth of sound in his instruments to convey an emotional density that he leaves unspoken in his lyrics.

The song begins with a conservative guitar solo, lethargic and minimal, it acts as a precursor to the heavy use of drums initiating the shift from indie to punk. As the track progresses, Yb. engages in erratic yet self assured and confident sounding thoughts, the growing base tones and sludgy guitar riffs marks an assertive switch from the previously timid intro. Yb. creatively pulls together the various and often messy emotions that accompany letting go of something you thought would last, from passively accepting conditional love to being confident in your decision to choose yourself.

All three songs of his EP, “Sleeping Without Me,” “Change Your Mind,” and “Sandra,” are a testament to the artists creative skills, but “Sandra” outshines the former two in its ability to add a graceful undertone to an unusually hopeful grunge track. As a rising artist, his sound is unpredictable yet in the best way possible, giving us a little bit of everything even when we don’t know we need it.

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