Yuki Dreams Again Displays His Most Impressive Artistry Yet with “Cold World”

Joe DelloStritto

Yuki Dreams Again released two tracks in 2020: “Too Fast,” and “Endlessly.” Both of these tracks are groovy and individualistic, so it’s no surprise that his 2021 debut single “Cold World” keeps with the same theme. In “Cold World,” Yuki Dreams Again flaunts a versatility unknown to most. With endless variations of melodies and voice inflection, the listener has no choice but to stay engaged throughout the entire track.

The feeling “Cold World” invokes in it’s listeners is undeniably clear: Freeing. This is ironic considering it’s title, but the euphoric and bouncy track is completely unchained. With just a hint of old school, the 23-year-old artist delivers an vibrant and catchy hook, repeating,

"Nobody knows when to mind their own,

Nobody knows when to stay at home."

While this is an obvious commentary on the COVID-19 situation, it goes far beyond just the pandemic. Yuki Dreams Again is the type of artist who chases his own unique vision, as every song he releases is it’s complete own experience. Spanning beyond just electronic, alternate pop, and R&B, the Montreal based rising star is creating his own lane with quite the recognizable sound. With that being said, I can guarantee “Cold World” will slide into your likes after the first listen.

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