Zac Greer Asks if You’re Really Living or if You’re Just Alive on New Single

Riley Furey

Zac Greer has been bubbling for years at this point, and after coming off the back of announcing that he will be supporting MICO on tour; he gifted us with a new single.

That new single is called "alive" and it is an absolute boxing match with his mind. Zac reflects on leaving his first relationship to chase music, taking adderall because he needs to and not because he wants to, and if you’re wondering about the rest of the song, then the chorus perfectly sums up his remaining thoughts. “Sometimes I wonder if it’s passing me by. Do I really love you or do you keep me high? Am I really living or am I just alive?”

"alive" is a plea to the world hoping that he is making the right decisions, and after a few listens it leaves me wanting to take the driver's seat even more in my own life. 

I recently fell in love with his last song dontletmego largely in part to its cinema quality music video directed by Dash McDonald, and Zac capitalized on the momentum from it with another stellar release. It’s no question that he will deliver, and singles like this only solidify that he is here to stay.

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