Zachary Knowles Crafts the Perfect Love Song with "johnny & june"

Rachael Jansky

It’s difficult to capture the feeling of real, healthy love in a song. The sense of comfort and ease that is accompanied by finding your person. The relief in knowing that someone else has signed up to stay by your side no matter what gets thrown at you. In his latest single, “johnny & june,” Zachary Knowles manages to do just that.

While very clearly a love song, Knowles expertly crafted the single to exude a soothing warmth, appealing even to those far from being in a relationship themselves. Knowles says of the track,

“When I wrote “johnny & june,” I was in the midst of a lot of changes in my life. I think because I had so much going on at the time and because there were so many changes, it made me want to write about something steady, that being love. I wanted to make something that just felt good; something that felt real and authentic and honestly just happy. This song is a total love story, and it helped bring me peace during a time of uncertainty in my life. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, and I hope it can do the same for people that it’s done for me.”

Knowles has an innate skill for creating music that has a universal appeal. Regardless of anyone’s background, relationship status, or age, his songwriting captures parts of the human experience in a way that’s relatable to anyone who listens. Check out “johnny & june” below.

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