zachy Breaks 200k Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Nate Fenningdorf

Reaching 200k monthly listeners on Spotify is not easy — especially when you’ve only released less than 10 songs. But for zachy, a Richmond, Virginia native, he’s already surpassed this impressive milestone with only 8 songs out. Coming off the release of his highly anticipated single “if i fall,” momentum continues to build for the budding artist.

Further speaking to the recent upward trajectory of the 19-year-old artist is “untitled” — zachy’s most popular song. Since he released the song just over a year ago, it has exploded in popularity on Spotify, quickly reaching 2 million streams. With new music on the horizon, zachy will surely continue to build on his already-impressive discography with more introspective, catchy tunes. Check out his latest release, "if i fall," below:

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