zachy Becomes a Level 99 Wizard on "There They Go"

Riley Furey
Matt Barnes

I swear PLAYDATE. MGMT artists aren’t capable of missing with their releases lately, and zachy only cements that fact with the release of his highly anticipated single, "there they go." This song is about dealing with your vices, no matter what they are. The fight to keep your indulgences in line is never an easy one to overcome, and it's clear that he releases music like this to help others feel understood in that battle.

The vocals are nothing short of ethereal, and the production sounds like it was concocted by a Level 99 Wizard that knows things about the world that we don’t have the clearance for. I’m left near speechless by the quality that is oozing from this single, and it’s music like this that forces me to reside in my folk era for just a few weeks longer.

Admittedly I’m not super familiar with zachy’s back catalog, but I need no more convincing to look into it after listening to "there they go." Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to levitate on this fine afternoon while finding your next favorite song.

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