Zinadelphia’s New “Love Language” Reminds Us It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Perry Avgerinos

With just her second official release, Zinadelphia ends the near year long wait for more music, with her incredibly infectious new single “Love Language.” After driving her TikTok fanbase through the roof by teasing this masterpiece of a song, a sigh of relief can be let out knowing the single is now ours to repeat to eternity.

Exploring jazz and soul tones, the Philadelphia native really lets her raspy vocal tone shine, with upbeat, warm production to help induce pure dopamine in the chorus. I can already hear this song as a TV show or movie anthem. Being from Philly myself, it makes me happy to see more artists like Zinadelphia represent the city, and let’s not slide by the fact that Zinadelphia is the real deal. From her raw vocal gifts, down to her bubbly personality and look, listening to Zinadelphia is like drinking a big cup of sunshine.

If you haven’t listened to her debut single, “Mirrorball,” stop sleeping. Now is the time to pay attention, and make sure to check her out on her socials to keep up with her moves. Enjoy “Love Language” below.

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