Zola Simone Shares Blissful Single, “What It Feels Like”

Olive Soki

At age 19, and fairly early on in her career, Zola Simone’s star already seems to be shining brighter than the rest. With a uniquely raw and driven voice, accompanied by beautifully earnest lyrics, her music is bound to resonate with you one way or another. Last year, her single “Easy” was featured in the finale of hit Netflix show Atypical and even won her the “song of the year award” at Boston Music Awards. This month she comes to us with the lead single to her upcoming EP FLOWER, titled “What It Feels Like.”

Starting off with tentative notes, followed by cracking drums, the single maintains an upbeat rhythm throughout as Zola explores the different facets that makeup the feeling of romance. Much like the love she describes as being “like an anthem, so familiar and entrancing” those are the words I would use to describe what it feels like listening to the track. Her strong and compelling vocal performance cements every comparison she posits, making her hypothesis on the feeling of love a truth you can’t help but eagerly adopt. All-consuming and freeing, “What It Feels Like” is the perfect track to add to that playlist you were planning on sending to that special someone.

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