100 gecs at The Caverns in Tennessee [Concert Review]

Jackie Verba
Credit: Jackie Verba

Don’t joke about 100 gecs.

My initial introduction to the collective was working their merch stand at Cannery Ballroom (a historic Nashville venue that no longer exists, R.I.P). Riddled with multiple mosh pits of Monster-Energy-drinking, ketamine-snorting, and generally sweaty music-enjoyers, I didn’t recognize where I was. A venue that had just housed an acoustic sad-girl set the day before was now stomping grounds for an insurmountable amount of energy. You could actually see the energy bouncing off the walls (as you could also see vomit). I was working merch - enchanted and observing. 

Two years later, I heard whispers that they would be returning to my area. I bought two tickets as soon as they went on sale, not even looking/caring at what venue, only seeing TENNESSEE and thinking: “It doesn’t matter, I’ll drive wherever I literally don’t care.” As the time came to start planning my pilgrimage, I saw that the show was to take place at The Caverns.

Taken directly from the “About” page, The Caverns is a “subterranean music venue, [where] guests revel in the prehistoric natural acoustics and otherworldly beauty. Live music inside a cave, it’s a bucket list experience that keeps fans coming back to The Caverns time and again for ‘The Greatest Show Under Earth.’” 

My dear friend and I showed up at the venue, gasped, took pictures of everything around us, and parked ourselves in the back of the cave as we waited for the main act to go on. For lack of a better term, I abandoned my friend to go to the photo pit (pictured in the article) and ascended. Average 100 gecs enjoyers (or any band adjacent) would categorize me as an outsider, as I wasn’t particularly moshing or throwing my limbs (and in all honesty, my outfit was not cohesive with the vibe). I had a camera on me so I was working -  again, observing. However, I’d be a liar if I wrote that I didn’t desperately want to be a part of it. Everyone knows the words, everyone is into it, and you feel so stupid if you “don’t get it.” Honestly, you are stupid if you don’t get it.  

The performance was crazy, and The Caverns housed all that energy perfectly. I do not resent the two-hour drive or waiting in line, and I’d do it all again. 100 gecs played all the fan favorites and even a song from their EP released ages ago, which made everyone combust. I don’t believe in spoiling a concert with a setlist play-by-play, so you will just have to trust that seeing 100 gecs live is, in all seriousness, mind-expanding. 

If you are too anxious to physically consume psychedelics but are genuinely curious about what you might experience while on them, I highly recommend consuming a 100 gecs show.

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