Artist Spotlight: 347aidan

Joe DelloStritto

17-year-old 347aidan is wise beyond his years. After spending time establishing his SoundCloud fanbase, he blasted onto the scene with “Demons and Monsters,” a devastatingly sad track that has amassed over 3 million Spotify streams since it’s release one month ago. Known more commonly as 347aidan, the singer, songwriter, and producer from Ontario makes music for misfits, mixing his polarizing social presence with relatable lyricism and cordial melodies. ⁣

Although predominately known for his “sadboi” music, 347aidan flaunts versatility in his latest release, “Dancing in My Room.” This bedroom-pop track is infused with pure, simple happiness. After gaining the most single-day streams he’s ever had following it’s release, the Ontario artist went on to post his first-ever music video. The video is set in his bedroom (as the song would suggest), giving his fans a more intimate look into his life. With a dedicated following that’s only growing bigger, 347aidan is a name to familiarize yourself with. ⁣

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