Artist Spotlight: RIZ LA VIE

Perry Avgerinos

The CEO of whippin' Teslas, New York-based RIZ LA VIE is swerving onto the scene with his high-beams on. Captivating an audience with his extraterrestrial image, the singer/songwriter gravitates between RnB and Hip-Hop, with his own raw vocal flare. His most well-known single "Napkins" has over 20 million streams to date, as he challenges listeners to live life beyond the surface and dive deeper into meaningful relationships.His latest project "Feed," a five song EP, dropped earlier this month with standout single "Tesla." The track has a mesmerizing guitar riff guided by crisp trap drums and Riz's unorthodox yet alluring flow, an enticing recipe to be left on repeat.

If you don't have a Tesla to properly consume the record, you can drive Elon Musk's Cybertruck on the app store with Riz's "Tesla" rightfully bumping in the background.

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