5 Photographers Around Music You Need To Know About

Riley Furey
Jack Harlow shot by @williamwark

I’ve always been someone who wants the people working behind the scenes to get the credit they deserve, and this list pays homage to exactly that – more specifically for the photographers pushing the boundary in the field lately. Everyone in this list has inspired me even outside of photography, and making this serves as a thank you/mood board of sorts for who I’ve been keeping up with lately. I know I missed a few people, but just know that if you aren’t on this list, that your work is just as important as anyone mentioned. With that said, here are 5 Photographers Around Music You Need To Know About.

Will Wark 

Will Wark is only 19 years old, and he is genuinely the most talented photographer I have ever met. No two shoots he does feel the same, and that stamp of approval comes from Jack Harlow, Travis Scott, and so many others in and around the industry. On top of his work with some of the industry’s greats, he has been published in Rolling Stone, and is constantly evolving into other areas like shooting cover art and working on music videos. Will’s growth has been amazing to watch, and I’m sure you’ll begin to feel the same way when you tap in for yourself.

Leeban Farah

Leeban Farah has mainly plied his trade with Enzo the Magazine over the past few years, but lately he has been branching out to spearhead awe inspiring projects that blur the lines between photo and video. Whether it was his direction in a Gucci video with A$AP Rocky, or anything you can find on his Instaghthat you can see for yourself here. Something about his lighting and artistic style speaks to me in a way that words can’t describe, and he deserves his flowers for paving the path in such a unique and impressive way.

John Cotter

John Cotter is the head of Rolling Loud’s Tik Tok page, and he got there from how impressive his journalism was with outlets like Our Generation Music, as well from as being a mercenary behind the camera. John’s most recent work has been with the Respective Collective, and he has shot memorable moments like the Billboard Songwriter Awards, and he has simply been bodying concert photography at shows including Lil Tecca, SoFaygo, Conan Gray, and so many others.

Tyler Krippaehne

Tyler Krippenhae toured with Noah Kahan for almost a year, and their time spent together reaped some of my favorite photos of 2023. Not only will his work on the Stick Season tour remain timeless, but he also has been working with artists including Medium Build and Briston Maroney as we pivot into 2024. His style and personality truly shines through in his work, and after seeing the quality oozing from him, I’m excited to see who he decides to work with next.

Ryan Carcia

Ryan Carcia is the most structurally sound photographer that I have ever met. Just ask the Chainsmokers, the Wonder Series Festival Chain, or genuinely every artist under the sun, and they have probably worked with Ryan in one way or another. His style delivers the quality of what you would want to see on a national advertising campaign, and he simply sets the bar. Ryan is a great man, and an even better photographer.

It’s fun for me to take a side step from covering music itself every now and then, and I hope you enjoyed this excursion into the photographers that elevate your favorite artist to an entirely new level. Their Instagram’s are all linked in their names on the list, and be sure to tap in to support what they’ve been up to.

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