The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of February 2024


Hello, hello, welcome to the show. By now, you should know how this works. We select six artists a month that we see great upside in and are excited by. This month we have a lineup of talent across the genre board, and we would highly advise you to check them out and keep an eye on these six throughout the year. Without further ado – we give you the lineup of February 2024.

Isaiah Falls

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Recommended Tracks: "FLORIDA BABY," "NATURAL," "Sin on Purpose"

Spotify Monthlies: 369,489

Orlando R&B/Hip-Hop artist Isaiah Falls slides on every one of his tracks with a buttery smooth flow. He stands out for groove-making ability that feels destined for radio success. His latest release, “FLORIDA BABY,” may be his catchiest yet, showcasing Falls' silky vocals at their prime.

His wavy R&B melodies and effortless delivery make for an infectiously charismatic combo. If you’re a fan of Brent Faiyaz or Bryson Tiller, Isaiah Falls should be on your radar. – Brooks Finby

Anna Graves

Hometown: Minnesota, MN

Recommended Tracks: “Made To Love Someone,” “In The Wild," "Easy For You"

Spotify Monthlies: 114,014

Though not often credited for its products, the Midwest has distinguished itself by shaping the voices and perspectives of the artists who sprout from its landscape. A shining example is found in the subtly-country, obviously-emboldened music of Anna Graves, who hopes to become next in line in Minneapolis’ proud history of acclaimed artists. In her small sample size of three released tracks, she has made herself familiar to listeners through her cutting writing and confident vocals.

Her latest (and biggest) release “Made To Love Someone” is a simple tune elevated by Graves’ performance – she displays a scorched-earth energy unlike any you’ve likely heard before. With each step she takes being a step forward, there’s few reasons to believe we’ve heard the last of Anna Graves. – Kieran Kohorst

Kate Stephenson

Hometown: Bluff, Illinois

Recommended Tracks: "Arizona," "Exless," "Texas Wide"

Spotify Monthlies: 71,640

Hailing from Illinois, Indie folk artist Kate Stephenson delivers a fresh perspective on love with songs like “Exless” questioning the feelings of grief over love when she doesn’t have an ex. Stephenson creatively blends genres like on “Sick Of It”, a slick production focused track about toxic love with an infectious hook and a killer guitar riff. “Texas Wide,” her latest release “Arizona”, and “You” (a romantic duet) show Stephenson in her folk element with soft melodies and acoustic storytelling. “Hotel Hallway” reveals intimate details about Stephenson’s first breakup in the hallway of a hotel while she was on tour. 

Kate Stephenson masterfully weaves her beautiful and intimate songwriting into indie pop folk realness, exploring the complexities of heartbreak through an honest portrayal. – Ben Wego

Matt Champion

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Recommended Tracks: "Aphid," "Fangs," "El Dorado"

Spotify Monthlies: 260,725

I know you're going to say that Matt Champion isn't a "newer" artist, but in a way, isn't he? The Woodlands, Texas native last released solo music 7 years ago and has been plying his trade with America's favorite Boy Band (BROCKHAMPTON) up until their recent break up. I've always said that Matt Champion was one of the highest points of the group, and with his first single released in the amount of time it takes the money you put into a Roth IRA to double – Matt dropped an absolute pearl.

The visuals are well thought out with high quality production, and the Dijon feature might as well have been an announcement that he is here to stay. I've been saying for years that I needed more Matt solo music since hearing songs like “Fangs” and “El Dorado,” and the time had finally come for us to enjoy it. – Riley Furey


Hometown: Austin, TX

Recommended Tracks: "Blindsided," "Jean," "1999"

Spotify Monthlies: 434,056

In Hovvdy’s art, they explore specific kinds of relationships – Familial, romantic, friendly – with the intention of wrapping you in a heated blanket of nostalgia. Those three buzzwords are a serious consistency in their songwriting, letting them relate to a young indie/folk crowd while giving the antiqueness of a duo that has been collaborating for lifetimes. The Austin, TX-based project's debut album Taster in 2017 set a tone with a love letter to quiet, hopeful music. More recently, the duo has been releasing a series of singles with “Jean” being a standout – bouncy, up-tempo, and clearly recorded with a cheeky smile in the studio.

With the release of their most recent single, “Forever,” the band announced a self-titled album on track for an April 26th release. “Forever” as a stand-alone track and music video is so wholesome it’s scary. The video features Veronica Slowikowska and puts a zoom lens on the subtleties of falling in love at a party (whether you’re emotionally stable enough to witness this mini rom-com is up to you). It’s safe to say that hearty acoustics and twangy melodies will be players in this album; a great jumpstart to start the spring season. – Jackie Verba

Oscar DeLaughter

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Recommended Tracks: "Just Woke Up," "Don’t Care," "IDLE MIND"

Spotify Monthlies: 1,835

Originating from Dallas, Texas, Oscar DeLaughter emerges as a captivating up and coming young artist. Oscar's passion for music ignited early on, nurtured by the harmonies that filled his upbringing. Immersed in a family of musicians, he found himself naturally gravitating towards penning his own tunes. The moment he stepped into the spotlight, he knew that music wasn't merely a hobby, it was his calling. 

Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Oscar has mastered the art of finding creativity in everyday moments. In his artistic exploration, he looks up to the songwriting legends who paved the way before him. He's drawn to artists who can weave narratives that hit home on a personal level, appreciating the raw authenticity that shines through in their music. With each song, Oscar strives to channel this same authenticity, creating memorable melodies and lyrics that break down barriers and resonate deeply with listeners. 

His music celebrates the highs and lows of life and speaks directly to the soul. His standouts like “Just Woke Up” and “Don’t Care” are bound to make you move. Through his artistry, Oscar invites you to join him on this musical adventure, where every note tells a story. – Samantha DeCarlo

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