AJ.XO Releases New Single, “by your side”

Lara Prakash

Fresh off of the release of their latest album, miss u, my <3, AJ.XO’s releases newest single, “by your side.” The song, featuring ALYXX, talks about a relationship with a girl the artists want to vibe with and be by her side daily through anything. The song uses pop elements with funk to create a vibey instrumental background.

The artist also released a single last month, “she wants,” which is his first descent into the pop-punk and hyperpop world. The punk elements are heard through the guitars and the short yet powerful notes.

“[she wants] is about a girl I know whose only aspirations are to move to LA and live off guys with a lot of money, and she keeps telling me about it,” AJ.XO says.

Both singles are signals that AJ.XO is continuing to showcase his talents in various genres. “The album was very experimental for me,” AJ.XO said. “So, to continue down that path is exciting!”

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