Grace Kay Releases Golden New Single, "renaissance"

Sundhya Alter

In her most recent release, Grace Kay examines the ethos of healing in a track embellished with earthy tones and hues of spiritual rebirth. Honing into an indie-pop sound, the rising artist is conscious of the unpredictable chapters of life, her songs unanimously undergirded by an unhurried notion of “all in time.” The first song on her most recent EP, "renaissance" is one of the most alluring tracks on the six-song release, its knowing and assured message of never giving up mirrors the patient delivery that Grace Kay lives by through her music.

The track speaks to its namesake, its lyrics recounting a simultaneous era of reawakening and shedding of the past, the song delves into natures often remedial powers to symbolize the dawning of a new self. Following the poppy bass and glistening body of the track, lyrical metaphors of visual scenery become the song's most haunting allure. The artist sings, “But when the light leaks through the ground, the deep roots of your soul are found.

While Grace Kay displays her touch for songwriting, it becomes clear that beyond her skills as a wordsmith is her optimistic ability to embrace the 'renaissance' that comes after a period of darkness. For many of us, phrases like “it is always dark before the dawn” have become cheesy to the point of irrelevance, however in searching for what comes next the gift of moving forward may come in the form of letting go of the darkness that holds us back. Between enlightened metaphors and a glowing delivery, "renaissance" pushes listeners to adopt even a touch of the idealism that the rising artist displays so confidently.

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