AJ.XO Pivots to Dreamy House Music on New Single “THIS SHIT GOT ME GONE."

Sundhya Alter

Up until this point, AJ.XO has comfortably stuck to a catalog of slow pop/rap tracks that lean on the rhythms of conventionally assembled bass lines and bittersweet love ballads about unkept promises and young immaturity. After releasing his first album in March of 2023, the rising artist envisions a fresh shift in his sound, both experimental and skillfully crafted, AJ.XO taps into a house and club inspired track with his most recent release, “THIS SHIT GOT ME GONE.”

Through complimentary nods of emotion and harmony, the track pairs together the highs of a euphoric climax with the relative disassociation of space and time, an experiential track that turns on an axis of calming, blissful chaos. In attempting to conjure the embodied feeling of partying and the obsolete nature of time, the artist replicates a similar bliss using a sleek base and cyclical vocals that lose themselves in the repetitive pattern of the chords and lyrics. In the vast vortex of the track, listeners are forced to let go and ease into the tranquilizing state of being blissfully ignorant. Throughout shimmering notes and groove like harmonies, the New Jersey artist finds stimulation in the chaos, as though to identify the edge yet never get too close to it as to fall off. In the layering of melodic bass patterns and bounce of the production, the track creates the space to feel everything at once while nothing at all. For AJ.XO, the release is a mature step towards finding his most authentic and creatively sound, hopefully one he will continue to draw upon.

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