Lo Village Can’t Help but Feel like “Fallin” on New Single

Kieran Kohorst

As one of the most promising collectives in music today, Lo Village is acutely aware of their interdependence on one another. With members Ama and Kane connected through kinship with childhood friend Charles Tyler rounding out the trio, their bond extends past collaboration. On new single “Fallin”, the group explores the dangers of being alone. “Sometimes life is like running down a flight of stairs and then falling because we fail to take our time and use the railings,” the group says of the track, a sentiment that is firmly reckoned within their lyrics. Referencing depression, relationship dysfunction, and a lifestyle crisis, there is a constant theme that appears at the end of each verse: “I’m falling without you,” sings each member to conclude their respective narratives.

With each release, it becomes more apparent that Lo Village march to the beat of their own drum. Their music is the product of all the genres that influence them, formulating a unique sound that caters to their tastes first. They cultivated a distinguishable sound that feels true to their collective spirit, that being highly conscious and intentional. “Fallin” follows up their earlier 2023 release “On Your Way,” a similarly true-to-self track that set Lo Village in a new, exciting direction. “Fallin” pushes Lo Village further down the road of their own blazing, progressing further towards the most fully-formed version of the group.

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