Alé Araya Shares “Earth Angel” Video, Announces Debut Project in visions

Kieran Kohorst

In her new music video for latest single “Earth Angel”, Alé Araya leaves little to the imagination. Her music often gives way for visual fascinations, but for her latest single, the LA-based artist was intentional in the imagery associated with the track. Through conspicuous lighting and spontaneous scenes, Araya basks in the euphoria of affinity. Her emotions are as encapsulating as the musicality of the track, incorporating jazz, R&B, soul, Latin, and dance to properly express herself. Araya is effortlessly vivid; she’s clear-minded about her destination while managing to entertain her audience every step of the way.

In addition to starring in the visual for “Earth Angel,” Araya also played a hand in the direction, sharing the duties with Kwon. Produced by KOGO, every ounce of energy in “Earth Angel” is embellished in the song’s video. Araya’s intentions with the song are as self-aware as the lyrics suggest. “Lately, I have been reflecting on the forms of community that exist outside of romance. To me right now that looks like my cat, sisterhood and my chosen family who ground and nourish me with the purest of intentions,” she shares. “'Earth Angel' playfully celebrates that unconditional love. I’ve noticed that a lot of people expect me to be a certain way because I’m feminine-presenting and a woman in music. But unconditional love comes with appreciation of the things deeper than the physical. Deeper than the bodies we occupy and their outward appearance.”

Even more than the release of “Earth Angels” music video, fans of Araya have plenty to look forward to. The track will appear on Araya’s debut project, in visions, due March 24. The EP was crafted during a time of loss for the 22 year old singer, wandering to depths both frightening and comforting in their sentiments. The eclecticism of her music will be on full display as she expands her artistic canvas. A product of Rostrum Records, in visions looks to deliver on the thesis of Araya’s work: “I hope that people feel inspired to express their inner world while listening.” No matter what our inner worlds may look like, in visions will supply the gravity required to bring fantasies to life.

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