Alé Araya Is Lucidly Spectacular on New Single “treetops”

Kieran Kohorst

Accompanied by a corresponding music video, LA-based artist Alé Araya has unveiled her latest track “treetops,” a record that continues to justify her celestial vocals and further establishes her philosophy on life. In her healing process, she learns the importance of self-prioritization, an evasive but profitable resolution to her introspective journey.

‘treetops’ is a song about perspective, it’s a reflection on my life, my experiences, from pain to love to sadness to joy,” Araya says of the song, which she both wrote and produced. “It’s about re-framing that perspective & turning it into something beautiful, because a lot of the time sadness & loss feels forever, but it really serves as a way to grow. So this song is about choosing myself, and choosing to see that light, even in the midst of the dark.” This sentiment is reflected in the opening of the song’s music video, a visual that runs parallel with the track’s values and tone. Araya’s “treetops” is an easing hallucinogenic that offers peace in turmoil and suggests optimism in instability, a welcome listen for anyone searching for acceptance from themselves or others.

As she becomes more accepting of her own identity, Araya seems to be getting comfortable with all dimensions of her creativity. Serving as creative director of the “treetops” music video, she influenced every aspect of the song’s release. In fact, Araya is so self-sufficient that she lends herself to her contemporaries of stature, assisting Saba, Merlyn Wood, and Alice Glass en route to receiving praise from UMI, Raveena, and Monte Booker. The daughter of Chilean immigrants, Araya quickly gravitated towards music, learning several instruments and playing in jazz bands at an early age. The influence of jazz music persisted into her recordings as a solo artist, innovatively incorporating R&B, Latin, and electronic music as well. With a surrounding body of work still to come, “treetops” is the first galaxy in a universe yet to be explored, one that only Araya is familiar with.

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