Yinka Lets her Guard Down on New Single, “Two Weeks”

Sundhya Alter

In a generation where dating trends and standards around relationships have become increasingly casual, the shared emotional experience of falling for someone has remained the same since the beginning of time. The butterflies, the spark, and the magnetic pull of the chemistry that makes everything in the background hazy. Undergirded by this same feeling, Yinka looks to articulate the consuming passion of a new connection in her new single “Two Weeks.”

Both hesitant to let down her guard and overwhelmed by the sudden passion of emotion, Yinka delivers a tantalizing track cloaked in seductive notes of empowerment, favoring listeners to stay true to themselves. Layered in sultry synths that weave in and out of harmonies, the Nigerian artist floats in her upper register guiding subtle crescendos with her vocals. Rather than being bound to the cynicism of love’s frustrations and uncertainties, the song takes a refreshing position towards trusting your intuitions when it comes to letting people in. Yinka sings “Why do we fit so perfectly, irregular like puzzle pieces but flawless when put together.” For the self identified hopeless romantics, the track will leave you longing for that feeling that seems to only exist in movies and novels.

Drawing inspiration from a versatile array of sounds Yinka’s approach to making music is multidimensional, bringing new sounds into mainstream genres. Growing up in a traditional Nigerian family she cultivates her identity as an artist around her own origins, Yinka explains, African music is not one dimensional…the world needs to open their musical palettes to the talented African artists that aren’t part of the status quo.” Yinka is one to watch as she continues to challenge the boundaries around gender, race and music.

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