Amindi’s Beautifully Crafted ‘Take What You Need’ [Album Review]

Marissa Duldulao

Amindis awaited project, Take What You Need is finally here and beautifully delivered. The Los Angeles artist is consistently thinking outside the box when making music. With her angelic vocals and appealing production, this album shows how effortlessly she authentically represents herself with her sound. 

This project represents self-care and empowerment. Leading up to the album release, Amindi dropped the track “diddy crop.” By the lyrics, this song is about confidence and knowing your self-worth. She says, “He text me, I'm in your city. I said, have fun." Honestly this track will have you feeling yourself.  Throughout the album, we see patterns in those themes, but she also isn’t afraid to speak her truth of her deep feelings. She dives deeper into other genres and topics. On the track, “good cry,” she implies the message that sometimes we need to have those bad days and have good cry in order to heal. A lot of her tracks revolve around the hardships of pain and just being human. 

The soothing instrumental production of each track differentiates from another, creating a mix of songs from many different angles and dimensions. Her arrangement consists of various genres including, rap, reggae, and alternative music. Not only does she showcase her impressive musical skills all throughout this project, but we hear features from similarly talented artists such as, Jordan Ward, Kenny Mason, chlothegod, Franny London, Jean Carter, and Frex. Each artist appealingly contributes to the versatile sound of Amindi as each collaboration has its own individual characteristics of sound. 

Take What You Need is the perfect relaxation album if you’re looking to listen to something simple, but original. Amindi is an artist to keep up with in today’s music scene as she continues to create exemplary projects. 

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