Olivia Rodrigo Pours Her Heart And Soul Into ‘GUTS' [Album Review]

Marissa Duldulao

We all have heard of the familiar name, Olivia Rodrigo, whether that be from Disney television programs or from her radio-hit songs like “drivers license.” Whether you are familiar with her or not, she has done it again with her sensational and melodramatic songs on her sophomore album, GUTS. Let’s be honest here; Olivia makes heart-to-heart music for the ones who love deeply and experience rocky relationships in their romantic lives. Olivia is a true artist not only for telling her experiences and vulnerable feelings through her music, but also for making music for the ones who also can relate to her deep and personal experience. 

If I could describe GUTS in one sentence, it would say “This is a universal teenage girl experience.” Prior to dropping her album, she released singles for the tracks, “bad idea right?” and “vampire.” Right off the bat, this gave a feel to what her album would sound like. The sound is very similar to her debut album SOUR, but this project has a more grunge style as she expresses the anger and bitterness she experienced at the age of 19. She never fails to take me on those emotional rollercoasters with her as I can almost feel what she is feeling as she sings. On my favorite tracks, “all-american bitch” and “love is embarrassing,” she doesn’t hold back to tell us exactly how she is feeling. Listening to her music is almost therapeutic as her lyrics speak of feelings we can’t always describe. Her growth with her music is mind-blowing. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind and share with the world what she goes through in life. 

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