Apple Announces New Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones for $549

Joe DelloStritto

Apple is no stranger to adding new products to their arsenal, changing the game a few years back when they released AirPods. These in-ear headphones were a hit with consumers, allowing music lovers to ditch the inevitably tangled wires for good.

In light of the success AirPods saw, Apple has introduced AirPods Max–a sleek over-ear alternative to the original. While offering the same nose cancellation/transparency capabilities, AirPods Max will also include a dial on the right ear to control volume, phone calls, play, pause and skip.

The AirPod Max is now available for pre-order at a steep $549, and Apple will be shipping this brand new product out by December 15th. For those of you searching for a Christmas gift, Apple has an idea.

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