Chance the Rapper Sued By Former Manager Pat Corcoran for $3 Million

Noah Schwartz

Chance the Rapper’s former manager Pat Corcoran (aka Pat the Manager) is suing the Chicago rapper for $3 million claiming breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of the Illinois Sales Representative.⁣

In 2013, the two came to an agreement where Corcoran would receive 15% of the net profits that Chance got from concerts, mixtapes, albums sales, streams, merchandise, as well as brand, or any TV and film ventures. The documents also mention that Pat has incurred $2.5 million in unreimbursed expenses throughout the time of supporting Chance’s career.⁣

Chance and Pat had been working as a duo since 2012, prior to Chance’s stardom. Embarking on the deep ocean waters of the music industry together without the assistance of any major label help, the two managed to manifest their dreams. However, things switched up when Chance didn’t inform his manager about his intentions to release his first studio album, “The Big Day” in 2019.⁣

Corcoran said the recording sessions for the “The Big Day” were “unproductive and undisciplined,” with the album itself being a “freestyle-driven product of sub-par quality.”⁣ Corcoran was later terminated from his role as manager on April 27, 2020, despite making an attempt to restore the relationship with the rapper. Listed in the documents, Pat is entitled to receive his owed commissions, but Chance was only willing to give Pat $350,000.

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