Aqyila Delivers Your Valentine’s Day Anthem

Kieran Kohorst

For those assembling playlists for their Valentine’s Day celebrations, it's understandable to want to turn to the classic love jams of the past – no one will blame you for queuing up Alicia Keys, Usher, Maxwell, Babyface, or any of the holiday’s revered voices. For variety’s sake, and to cleverly stay on the theme of flowers, consider adding Toronto’s newest R&B revelation Aqyila to the mix. Her newest release, “Bloom,” keeps with her knack for swoon-worthy dedications. As innocently as it starts (“I think I left my sweater back at your house”), there’s little doubt of the cosmic connection Aqyila holds with the song’s subject (“In any other universe I’d find you”).  The song was made with the intention of celebrating love: the artist herself views “Bloom” as a wedding song. “It’s a love song that reminds you why you love the person that you’re with. Why they’re your safe space on your hardest days,” Aqyila shared of the track. “Writing this song just gave me chills, it instantly felt special.” Listening to the song is likely to have the same effect, perfectly suited for this season.

Aqyila’s rise is well-timed while also well-deserved: her effortless melodies and intentioned lyrics have endeared her to fans, who she’s resonated most commonly with on TikTok. Before “Bloom”’s release, the sound was already going viral on the app, with anticipation building from anonymous users to the likes of Camila Cabello, Lu Kala, and Jay Versace. Next month, Aqyila will hope to hear her name called at the Juno Awards as she is nominated in both Traditional and Contemporary R&B/Soul Recording of the Year. Currently serving as Spotify Canada’s RADAR Artist of the Month, Aqyila earns the title in the heart of her listeners with “Bloom,” a track made for the moment.

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