Marie Dahlstrom Teams up with Odeal for “Nothing On You”

Milly Wensley

While scrolling through my inbox I was delighted to discover Danish R&B singer Marie Dahlstrom. Now London-based Marie has been building her career in music for the past few years. With a vast catalogue of singles and a few albums in the bank, Marie found great success in her 2023 project A Good Life. Starting the new year Marie has announced the deluxe version of the tape with the latest release “Nothing On You” being a new addition to the track list.

“Nothing On You” features Afro-R&B artist Odeal who brings a lush male vocal to the track. Marie and Odeal sound both graceful and effortless in collaboration with each other. When discussing the making of the track Marie states, “This song was made in the very first session Odeal and I had together. It was such a natural and smooth process.” This is evident when you listen, the two pair so perfectly and bring us a deeply emotional storyline.

In regards to the song itself, these lyrics touch on the feeling of longing for a deeper connection with a significant other. We receive two POVs on what this feels like from both Marie and Odeal, it doesn’t feel as though they’re speaking to each other, more so expressing similar feelings and resonating with each other. The production is steady, simple, and guitar-led the perfect soundtrack to highlight these strong vocals.

I think both Marie and Odeal are gearing up for an exciting 2024, each sitting at pivotal points in their career in their own right. Marie Dahlstrom is headlining London’s Village Underground this month, a milestone for many upcoming artists. I’d love to have seen Marie live, her soft, angelic vocals would sound beyond gorgeous in a live setting. Make sure you stream “Nothing On You” and keep an eye out for the deluxe of A Good Life.

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