Artist Spotlight: ARI

Joe DelloStritto

ARI creates anthems for women all over the world. Better known by her stage name ARI, the emerging pop star has directed her substantial online fanbase to her debut EP “Idiot Girl,” which released this past Friday. ⁣

The Toronto product glides over her tracks with atmospheric vocals, while simultaneously garnering her fans with raw and honest lyricism. Having an unparalleled talent to recount her social anxieties leaves ARI feeling more like a best friend than an artist. In this track, ARI blends her modern pop style with a pop-rock hook featuring gritty guitar rifts. “See Through” is about ignoring the malicious girls and boys who make others feel inadequate for being themselves. ⁣

ARI marketed her song “See Through” on her latest TikTok, where she’s gained a following of over 100k by exhibiting her fun-loving personality. Although ARI is just getting started, she’s already attained a major fanbase by, well, simply being herself.⁣

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