Artist Spotlight: Dava

Joe DelloStritto

LA-based Dava has carved out her own division of alternative pop, slowing her tracks down by mixing in elements of electronic R&B. Her dreamy vocals and melodic range serves to effortlessly captivate her ever-growing fanbase. After finding her way onto Friday Finds with her debut single “ASOS,” the Oklahoma native just released her second single with Disruptor: "Papercut."

This single is about losing the ability to trust, but growing stronger as a result. Dava showcases her darker side, hissing silvery vocals over an eerie-pop track. A perfect display of simplicity nested in intensity, Dava sounds cold-blooded as she repeats, “You’re just a paper cut” over and over again. ⁣

As long as Dava continues to “think tall,” the sky is her limit.

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