Sheesh Awards 2021 – Best Project: Aries ('BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU')


The moment we first listened to Aries' new album, it felt different – it immediately became a contender for project of the year. For an artist who has stood out in a self-paved lane, bashing any and all genre barriers, to create a no skip album without any features, is something special.

Not only is BELIVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU, a cohesive body of work, it shows growth and depth from Aries' previous album, highlighting his expanding comfortability in his singing capabilities as they take more of the forefront throughout the album. As we continue to listen on repeat, we are happy to award Aries with our Project of the Year. Congrats, Aries! Perry Avgerinos

Swipe to see Aries' acceptance speech below.

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