Ark Patrol Recruits SEB For New Single “FOLN4U”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Alex Free

Put simply, LA-based producer Ark Patrol’s newest track sounds like better days. As patience for warmer weather and the leisures of summer grows thin, “FOLN4U only accentuates that anticipation, a song ripe with nostalgia and ready for the picking come the turn of the season. In enlisting the effortlessly charismatic SEB, Ark Patrol provides just the right space for SEB to cut loose. "FOLN4U is about that in-between stage of a relationship,” says SEB, “that started as purely physical to then dealing with the emotional attachment that comes after. You’re actively fighting feelings of heartbreak from knowing this person will never commit but physically you can’t stop giving yourself to them.” 

There’s an undeniable magnetism to the track - it’s hard to pull yourself away from its layered production and energized samples. “FOLN4U describes the exciting & edgy transition we all experience into adolescence, as we become aware of our changing bodies and depart from innocence,” explains Ark Patrol. “It’s ending points toward lifelong difficulty ahead of facing the reality of who we are becoming.” The close of the song drifts off thoughtfully, tinged with curiosity and endless possibility. This potential is likely to be expanded upon in Ark Patrol’s upcoming EP, E, scheduled for release on June 21. A quick turnaround from the release of his prior project, G, the new release will appear as act two of a larger project due later this year. As his output builds, so does the anticipation for what is to come for one of pop’s brightest producers. 

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