Ariel Unveils “Something Amazing” In New Single

Kieran Kohorst

Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Ariel is having a moment - along with announcing her signing with Mello Music Group (Appollo Brown, Quelle Chris, Oddissee), she has shared a new single, "SOMETHING AMAZING," that leans into simplicity. The song is straight-forward and better for it: a classic R&B groove suits her laid-back, inviting delivery, outfitted in sweetly romantic lyrics that give the song its charm. Ariel’s melodies and harmonies bring an excited ease to the surface, perfectly capturing her intent: “I always wanted to write a love song about the time after you fall in love, that calm, complete feeling you get when you really trust and connect with someone,” she says. “When you can find magic in the mundane stuff, it's pretty amazing.” In the time Ariel was crafting “SOMETHING AMAZING,” she was channeling some significant influences. “I was listening to a lot of Lucy Pearl, SAULT, and Moonchild at the time. I wanted a super sunny and warm sound,” she explains. “(Producer) Relyae nailed it.” Sometimes, it really is as easy as reading the title of a track to get a sense for the music that lies behind it.

Ariel’s signing with Mello Music Group can be seen as the singer reaping the rewards of her labor - 2023 saw the release of her debut EP, Symfonia, which began the momentum Ariel is so elegantly riding at the moment. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, now is the time to get familiar with Ariel.

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