ASTN Finds His Element in latest 'Where Do We Go From Here?' [EP Review]

Perry Avgerinos

Today is the day. Where Do We Go From Here? – a question posed by ASTN post-breakup, and also the title of his latest EP – is finally ours to consume, and boy did the smooth operator glide his listeners closer to an answer. Emerging as one of R&B’s golden children, ASTN talks his talk, confidently and passionately.

Starting off the project with one of the singles off the project, “How Soon” – ASTN dives into the unspoken period after a break up of not knowing what the proper amount of time before starting to date again is. Followed by the interlude “What You Doin?,” ASTN plays with the notion that the “friend zone” is one that can be broken out of, and no one is truly just friends. Laying up the focus track of the project, and probably my personal favorite, “Element," suitable describes ASTN's refreshed energy and tone on this project. Featuring production from Poo Bear and The Audibles, the track contains an atmospheric vocal sample, with hard 808s and ASTN’s most assured demeanor across WDWGFH?. Once I got this far while listening front to back, I had the thought that this project reminded me a bit of Justin Bieber’s Changes (my favorite Bieber project) in the best way, which also happens to feature productions from Poo Bear. With that being said, ASTN definitely has his own sauce to this sonic realm altogether. The project goes on to feature variant flows with “On Schedule,” “Far Away,” which really hit me with the songwriting on this one, and standout single “Be So Cruel.” With one more interlude “Tell Me,” arps paint the question “tell me what we doin’?,”’ flowing right into the same arp sounds of the final track. Another personal favorite, “Starlight,” a heavenly, poetic-esque story that feels like ASTN is speaking directly to someone – something he does often that makes his music feel so relatable and personal. His vocal melodies and tone really fill the space, backed by light production and no drums, bringing the EP to a close.

ASTN nailed yet another project, and shows the progression with his sound and style is still maturing like fine wine. WDWGFH? feels like a new era for ASTN, and we are VERY here for it. If you want to learn more about ASTN’s background, we sat down recently on our podcast and talked about all things guys would chat about with their homies. Listen to Where Do We Go From Here? below:

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