ASTN Questions “How Soon” Is Too Soon to Move On

Perry Avgerinos

R&B crooner ASTN is back with his virally known vocal talents and smooth charm with "How Soon." Questioning his rebound timing, ASTN ponders on how soon is too soon to move on from a previous relationship. But hey – when you’re a global sensation, the temptation of new options to distract you may make moving on just a tad bit easier.

With some production from ASTN himself, the smooth vocalist glides over the instrumentation as he sings “I didn’t mean to move on, but how soon is too soon to get with someone.” Always touching on relatable topics, the lyrics hit home with anyone who’s been in a relationship where you still have feelings, even when you know it’s probably for the best to move forward. What hurts even more is hearing about or seeing that person with someone new, so soon. But how soon is fair game? Hear ASTN’s take below:

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