Stroll Down Memory Lane of the 70s with BabyJake’s Latest Release “Beast of Burden”

Emma Neveux

Even if you’re too young to have lived during the 70s, everyone recalls and still dreams of this rock & roll decadent era once in a while. Well, sit tight and enjoy because BabyJake delivered just the right vibes to satisfy your craving.

In case you missed him earlier, the American singer/songwriter, is known for his folk past influences, mixed with his love for hip-hop and pop. He made quite a name for himself after his viral debut single “Cigarettes on Patios,” which has over 100 million streams to date.

The alternative artist has been making us wait a while but his fans asked and he delivered properly. Honoring his inner musical chameleon, BabyJake launches this new year through a compelling uber rock & roll cover of The Rolling Stones' "Beast Of Burden." Jake's take on "Beast Of Burden" is a callback to the glamorous swagger of the 70s, enhanced by his silky smooth and sultry vocal stylings. With this track, he hopes to bring the modern musical landscape back to this decade of pure rock & roll. 

Stepping into the footsteps of rock & roll legends hints towards his next musical signature that seems to gather a constellation of influences and sounds to launch his own kind of rock & roll era.

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