badmonsham Rides the Chase in Latest Single "Fall Away"

Perry Avgerinos

One of my favorite Florida boys, badmonsham – reps his south Florida (home to endless talent) roots proudly, quickly climbing ranks within the hip hop, RnB, and Pop spheres. But really – trying to give badmonsham any genre label is a waste of time, as his latest single, "Fall Away," is far different from every other single he's dropped. The track starts off with Reggae type chord stabs, funky minimalistic production, and badmonsham's reverberated, wavy vocal melodies. On top of a snappy 808 trap beat, Sham harmonizes in the chorus, somewhat reminiscent of Kid Cudi's hum vibrato, when he sings:

"Don't wanna fall in love,

Don't wanna fall in-n-n love..

Fall Away, mhm

Fall Away, mhm..."

Touching on the meaning behind the track, badmonsham said, "The record reminds me of a rerun of Tom and Jerry. The song describes the never ending loop of chasing and being chased.... except the characters are actually me and a love interest. It eludes to the idea of, 'I’m not available when you want me, and you’re not available when I want you.'" You hear this in the chorus with the differing vocal tones Sham uses to contrast the differing perspectives. Sham's ability to show his diversity, leaves his listeners on their toes, wondering what genre boundaries he will break next. Listen below.

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