Bakar Is Making Better Music Than Your Favorite Artist

Riley Furey

Bakar has released two of the best songs of the year in my opinion, and his latest single “I’’m Done” follows perfectly in suit. With his upcoming album Halo dropping September 22nd, we now have received the full preview before the final project is ours. Over the course of these singles it feels like Bakar has allowed himself to experience every conceivable emotion and has let himself and his perspective run free. 

“I’m Done” starts with a sample challenging him to follow through on his word, and the track that follows feels like a proclamation that he’s finished waiting around for what doesn’t choose him. Bakar sets himself free from the mixed signals and uncertainty of a love interest in his life, and he is finally allowing himself to live without them. There has been a lot  of noise this year in music, and Bakar has been one of the few to cut through with samurai-like precision. With the sheer quality of his new music, it's possible we're going to get an album of the year candidate in just a couple weeks. 

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