Garrett Zoukis Is Soulfully Charismatic On “Dirty Laundry”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Ben Allen

DMV-raised, LA-based artist Garrett Zoukis takes a victory lap on his latest single “Dirty Laundry,” a sample-fueled anthem that serves the ego well. Amidst all his boasting and taunting, Zoukis maintains a cavalier delivery that only inflates his charismatic character. His approach makes his raps sound effortless, not quite nonchalant in his performance but certainly not needing to labor too much to impress on the track. Zoukis’s cool demeanor and soulful production is a winning formula, bolstered by his witty lyrics and magnetic presence. 

Zoukis’s roots have benefited him tremendously in his career so far - his DMV upbringing has led to him hitting the stage with fellow local Logic and adjacent artists like Skizzy Mars. His time as a baseball player at the University of Cincinnati injects his music with the (sometimes) irrational confidence needed to succeed in the sport, a quality that has translated to his music with similar results. He’s not the only ball-player-turned-rapper to make noise, a connection that has united Zoukis and mike. on stage at the latter’s concert. As the buzz around Zoukis continues to grow louder with more music on the way, now is the time to get familiar with one of rap’s top prospects.

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