Ben Dolic Conveys Relatability on New Single, “Come By”

Ian Hansen

The long awaited release of “Come By,” is here. Ben Dolic wrote this pop and R&B fused banger in 2020 and wanted to find the perfect time to release it. The Slovenian singer-songwriter recently released this track and it is his third release of the year, and it proves why he is one of the most exciting up and coming pop acts right now.

It is rare to come by someone at Ben Dolic’s stage that is so polished in their craft the way he is. His melodies are exuberant, and his songwriting is clever and relatable to anybody who has been in a “situationship.” The track conveys the early stages of a relationship but wanting more. It’s that awkward stage where there isn’t a label, but you are doing everything that couples do.

Inspired by Bazzi and Dominic Fike, the 25-year-old sonically executes this track really well. His harmonization in the chorus and his range throughout highlight a lot of what makes him so intriguing. The production is simple with ambient synths and bouncy trap-inspired drums playing throughout.

Ben Dolic’s potential is through the roof, and I am beyond excited to see how he continues to level up with each release. Between his songwriting and his catchy melodies expect Ben Dolic to be near the top of the game in the near future.

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