Bensbeendead. Explores Dark Self Discovery in New Single, “So Evil”

Sundhya Alter

In the same way that religious spaces exist as an emblematic doorway to understanding ourselves among others, many of us turn to music as an alternative religion for the same reason, an imaginative space that guarantees universality in experience. For Bensbeendead., music has recently become about manifesting universal emotion, in a previous interview with Sheesh he said “I wanted to try to convey as much of the similarity and difference that all of us share in the human experience.” In his long awaited new single, “So Evil," the Portland artist shows us what he means, speaking intuitively to self-discovery, previous mistakes and moving forward.

More often than not, the helplessness in feeling lost is synonymous with the difficulty of separating yourself from who you used to be. In his most recent release, Bensbeendead. confronts his past self through a series of inner monologues about who he used to be, reluctant to accept all that he's done in the past yet daring enough to adopt a forward looking gaze. In his signature falsetto register, the singer songwriter embellishes what many of us might not, that the opinions of others who we believe are holding us back can sound a lot like our own internal voices.

Supported by an upbeat electronic backtrack, as the harmonies build the song emulates the layers of emotion that begin to talk over one another. Adorned with a weathered cadence, the discord between his past and present self guides the song through one of those hard to swallow life lessons that Bensbeendead. lyrically paints with an artistic agency that makes listeners feel compelled to trust him.

As a producer, singer and songwriter, the eccentric artist has already begun to establish himself within the music industry, but now more than ever the rising creative has asserted himself as a must listen.

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