BETWEEN FRIENDS’ ‘I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy’ Is A Heartfelt Listening Experience [Album Review]

This talented sibling duo coming out of LA is known for their dreamy and sentimental sound. Savannah and Brandon Husdon, also known as BETWEEN FRIENDS, have been taking off with their bedroom pop anthems and heartfelt projects, such as their debut album, I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy, which dropped a week ago. This duo did not hesitate to be vulnerable and speak on the hardships within relationships. Even with the relationship with themselves. My favorite tracks on this album would have to be “Self destruct,” “Bruise,” and “Redlight” featuring the master of the eclectic sound, Teezo Touchdown. “Self destruct” stood out to me the most with their authenticity of songwriting and singing how they really feel. I think what goes along with the realness of their lyrics is how you can tell what emotions they experienced just by their sound.

After listening to this album, I can say that these two are not only vocally talented, but also instrumentally talented. The production of the drums, the guitar, and all of the above is perfectly crafted and displayed in this project of heartbreak, self-reflection, and all sorts of deep phases and feelings that are typically experienced in relationships. If you’re looking for new music or interested in discovering who’s up next in the music scene, you might want to give BETWEEN FRIENDS a listen and check out this debut album.  

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