Tim Atlas Releases New EP ‘Le Soir’ [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

Singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas brings us a late-night-inspired eclectic mix of tracks on EP Le Soir. Tim Atlas is known for his unique brand of downtempo R&B and neo-soul-inspired sounds. Often making music that leans more towards a California sunshine sound this EP explores a new lane. With the title translating from French to “The Night” in English, that’s exactly where Tim found his inspo this time around. This EP introduces us to a grittier side of Tim a collection that appears to have darker undertones and an illusory 3 am sound.

From start to finish this EP is a musical manifestation of a night out. The first few tracks, “Le Soir” and “Suhsi In Wyoming,” are for when you’re driving to the club, the sun has just set and there’s a long night ahead of you, but you’re excited. It has windows down calm before the storm vibe. Then we lead into “Knockin” the night has begun, and the energy is high. Its production is a dynamic balance between a hard hook and softer verses in between. 

Next, we have “Attractive” the soundtrack to the person you’ve spotted across the room. A romance where the environment of a late night draws you to one another. It’s sultry and smooth proclaiming the way this love interest has him feeling. This song is followed by “SeeThru” the last dance of the night or the house party you’ve ended up at. High in energy and sounds like when everything starts to blur together, the lights, memories, and everyone around you. Closing out the EP is “Mom” carrying a softer sound. It’s late and you’re driving home. The perfect end to a perfect night. 

You can interpret the EP in any way you’d like but between the press quotes and production, listening to this from start to finish felt like a full-circle experience. I love the duality here of nighttime being interpreted as both high and low-energy moments. Exciting sounds from Tim Atlas leading up to his headlining US Tour in just a few weeks! Be sure to check out the EP and grab tickets if he’s in your city! 

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