Bhad Bhabie Sets Onlyfans Record After Earning $1m in 6 Hours

Noah Schwartz

OnlyFans is a platform for artists and celebrities to sell pay-per-view content to those who are subscribed. During the pandemic, OnlyFans came up big as entertainers joined in hopes to make money through exclusive content to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

The "Gucci Flip Flops" rhymer, Bhad B?habie, accumulated $1,030,703.43, just hours after her debut of offering content on the site. According to a screenshot of the document, the rapper, who recently turned 18 years old on March 26th, made $757,526.08 in subscriptions, $5,502.35 in tips and $267,675.00 in messages. “Not bad for 6 hours,” she wrote. “We broke the fuck out of that onlyfans record.

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