BIGBABYGUCCI Continues To Impress With New Single, "Feel Your Energy"

Miles Opton

BIGBABYGUCCI has done it again. Releasing his new single, “Feel Your Energy,” GUCCI, who I easily consider one of the best ‘underground’ artists in the game, shows he’s not slowing down anytime soon. And I put ‘underground’ in quotes for just that reason - it’s unlikely he’ll stay there for long. 

Delivering some of the most groundbreaking hip-hop atmospheres of the year through effortless flows and stellar production (with the help of grungy and experimental producer, Fish, and various others), every release is exciting with GUCCI. Not to mention, he puts out bangers faster than we knew was physically possible, releasing two albums, multiple singles, and countless hooks for purchase so far in 2021. 

“Feel Your Energy” satisfies my expectations in every way, other than length. I wish I didn’t have to click repeat so often. Offering a synth-heavy beat with a clean structured 808, GUCCI is in his element and delivers a dynamic flow. 

It’s clear BBG has much more in the vault than we could’ve ever hoped for, so keep a close eye out on his releases. (If you haven't heard any, start with "Dinero," "Can't Feel Sh*t," "Pressure + Layers," and "Seeing Ghosts.") His next slated release is a full length LP, HUMAN, which he has been teasing frequently on his Instagram. This is GUCCI’s year, so make sure you tap in and feel his energy. Listen below:

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