Best Upcoming Music Producers of 2021

Tyler Borland

Rarely do I get the opportunity to focus solely on those killing it behind the boards, but it's important to take a step back and acknowledge the often unsung heroes. Today, I decided to highlight 5 of my favorite producers that I believe are well on their way to becoming undisputed legends.

5. Solomonophonic

Solomonophonic Producer

Pronounced sah-LO-mono-FONIC, the multi-talented artist and producer has been dominating this most recent wave of indie pop artists. He’s Remi Wolf most frequent collaborator and is responsible for her recent remix of “Photo ID” with Dominic Fike. Beyond working with Remi, Solomonophonic has worked with Wallows, Fousheé, and JAWNY in addition to focusing on growing his solo catalogue.

4. Hoskins

Hoskins Producer

The UK producer, Hoskins, is a name you’re likely familiar with as he seems to have been popping up everywhere within the last couple of years. He landed a placement on Khalid’s album on the song “Alive,” and then quickly followed it up on the long-awaited PARTYNEXTDOOR single, “THE NEWS.” Besides working with superstars, what excites me the most about Hoskins is his tendency to work with lesser-known artists that clearly deserve more shine. Hoskins produced tracks for Jean Dawson, Xavier Omar, Spencer., Yung Pinch, and most recently the debut single from Junior Varsity.

3. VVSPipes

VVSPipes Producer

Internet Money producer, VVSPipes, is most recognizable for his hard-hitting abrasive electronic hip hop instrumentals. Frequently collaborating with artists such as SEBii and ericdoa, VVSPipes cannot be confined to a singular sound, but the one commonality tying his production together is its wild eccentricity and experimentation.

2. Jeff Hazin

Jeff Hazin Producer

Jeff Hazin helps develop new artists like no other. rensforshort, WizTheMc, and glaive all have distinctly different sounds, yet Jeff Hazin has managed to bring their music to a higher artistic level. What is really most captivating about Jeff Hazin is his incredible versatility matched with consistency. Whether it's pop, hip hop, or hyperpop, Jeff Hazin never seems to miss.

1. Fish

Fish Producer

Undoubtedly, my favorite producer is known simply as Fish. Fish’s instrumentals are sample-heavy, loud and hard-hitting, but meticulously put together as well. The closest comparison I can draw is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era Kanye (a fitting comparison considering his recent Mike Dean cosign.) Fish came up working frequently with Carolina native, BIGBABYGUCCI, and the two have perfect chemistry. If you’re unfamiliar with Fish, then you’re in luck – because there’s no shortage of memorable music. The perfect place to start is with my personal favorite, “Blood on the Asphalt.”

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