BIZZY Shares Explosive New Single “When It Ends”

Kieran Kohorst

“Didn’t ask to be here / Been a hell of a time,” pans BIZZY to open her new single, “When It Ends,” a rocking song of personal heartbreak. In the coming verses and in the climactic chorus, BIZZY unravels within her lyrics, melting down until she reaches her boiling point. “Promise me I’m not still on the fence / Promise it's not something that you said / Promise me I’ll love me when it ends,” she pleads, the track beginning to erupt in all dimensions. While the verses are made worthwhile by BIZZY’s earnest admissions of insecurities and instability, it is the chorus that makes “When It Ends” a true standout. After asking questions that are both sincere and rhetorical, she devolves into delirium in searching for truth, performed with a vigor that is hard to deny. Even when she’s at her lowest, BIZZY is able to summon enough strength to deliver her message with unquestioned passion. 

“When It Ends” arrives as the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s first release since her debut EP, I Don’t Get Breakups. In addition to the project, BIZZY also completed her first US tour with FRENSHIP, performing across 15 cities and sharing her ever-relatable lyrics with new fans. A recent signee of Big Loud Rock, her first single of the year appears to be a sign of what's to come. BIZZY writes from where she’s at, and it's her voice that gives credence to the experience of the listener, no matter where they may be.

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