Bryson Tiller Announces His 4th Studio Album, Teasing Us With "CALYPSO"

Vincent Merry

Louisville native, Bryson Tiller has recently unveiled his upcoming self-titled full-length album along with its third single, "CALYPSO." This announcement arrived in the form of an album trailer, hinting at the exploration of themes revolving around artificial intelligence, futuristic technologies, and robots - a curious blend that adds an intriguing dimension to his musical narrative.

This forthcoming project marks Tiller's fourth studio album, following a four-year gap since the release of his latest album, 'A N N I V E R S A R Y.' The reception of his preceding singles, "Outside" and "Whatever She Wants," has reignited interest in Tiller's musical endeavors, a momentum that "CALYPSO" aims to sustain.

While "CALYPSO" doesn't necessarily venture into uncharted lyrical territories, it excels in showcasing Tiller's mastery of crafting infectious hooks. With lines like "Her body like Calypso / Way she throwin' that back I'ma leave with my feet sore," the track's chorus demonstrates Tiller's knack for creating memorable refrains, a skill honed over his decade-long career in crafting R&B hits.

Accompanied by soulful vocal runs, seamless melodies, and harmonies that effortlessly captivate the listener, Tiller's performance on "CALYPSO" exhibits a refinement of his musical prowess. The production, helmed by Michael “Black Mic” Williams, Bass Charity, Che Ecru, Thurdi, and TheOwnlyHope, contributes significantly to the track's allure, characterized by its pristine R&B drums, expertly chopped pitched-up vocal samples, and smooth 808 bass lines.

With the album set to drop promptly on April 5th, the anticipation for Bryson Tiller's latest musical offering is palpable, promising an immersive auditory experience and interesting lyrical concepts that will undoubtedly have our ears eagerly attuned.

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