Blake Shimoda Transports to a Universe Where He Is “Sick Forever”

Alex France

Blake Shimoda concluded 2023 on a high note, unveiling a euphoric and ethereal track that serves as a showcase for his prowess in producing, songwriting, and vocals. Titled "Sick Forever," the song strikes a nostalgic chord while seamlessly integrating futuristic sound design, transporting listeners to an otherworldly realm.

Following an almost two-year anticipation, Shimoda's latest creation marks a significant milestone in his artistic evolution. Reflecting on the release, Shimoda shares, "I used to be afraid to be loud, both in my personal life and in my music. I’ve been exploring that fear through my art recently and it’s something I’ve grown more comfortable with. I’m allowing myself permission to live in that louder space, not just visit it.”

Culminating in an explosive chorus, "Sick Forever" expertly balances delicate, airy indie vocals with electronic nuances, maintaining a dynamic and ever-evolving musical landscape. With a bold and refreshing direction that hints at immense potential, all eyes should be on Shimoda as he ventures into 2024.

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