Uncovering Life's Postgraduate Complexities in harf.'s "Cruel, Cruel World'"

Samantha DeCarlo

In his recent heartfelt single, "Cruel, Cruel World'", Will Harford, known by his artistic name harf., delves into the complexities of life changes post-graduation. Directed and edited by Devin Peluso, with cinematography and color by Jacob Love, the official video adds a visual dimension to the emotional depth of the song. Rooted in the challenges of postgraduate experiences, "Cruel, Cruel World" reflects on harf's personal journey of grappling with finding his place in the world. As he figures this out, thoughts of a girl who made him feel understood persistently occupy his mind. harf.'s creative process for this song is illuminated by the hurdles he faces as a songwriter. The primary challenge, he explains, lies in taking that crucial first step. As a songwriter, he faces questions such as, "What am I feeling?" and "Which truths am I hesitant to confront within myself?".

Having been a theater enthusiast during middle and high school, harf. developed a passion for singing and performing on stage. He explained, “When I went to see the Carole King musical with my mom, I realized how amazing song craft is and was super inspired by the life Carole king put into her songs. I then started playing piano and writing on my own.” Among his musical heroes, Adrienne Lenker stands out as his greatest songwriting influence, admired for her ability to blend catchy melodies with uniquely crafted lyrics. Alongside Lenker, harf draws inspiration from other notable figures in the music industry, including Carole King, Evan Stephen Hall of Pinegrove, and Houndmouth. Pay attention for new releases from harf. as he continues to break musical boundaries.

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